Coaching is an effective development tool for leadership at all levels of an organization. I’ll help you build the future you want for yourself and for your organization by helping you identify and focus on what’s important, break through barriers and develop action plans to achieve maximum potential.

Through a non-directive coaching style, leaders gain greater clarity, are able to align and strengthen their leadership team and build a more engaged organization. I’ll give you time and space to think through the variety of complex issues and decisions that need to be made. Expect to be challenged, expect to be engaged and expect to be empowered.

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TotalSDI improves employee performance by giving leaders the tools they need to understand their employees better. How do you identify and tap into the needs and preferences of different people? How do you shift behaviours to match individual, team and organizational goals?

TotalSDI can help. Attend a TotalSDI course and learn about the hidden component to all of this — motivation. Motivation affects everything; how you prioritize, what inspires you, how you communicate, how others see you. Knowing how motivation impacts your work can lead to greater awareness of yourself and others, more perceptive feedback and clarified expectations about work roles and relationships.

Through TotalSDI, you will gain new perspectives and understand how others view you and what is expected of you; invaluable insights for any organizational role. TotalSDI can help you discover satisfying, meaningful work — right where you are.

The Psychometrics 360 assessment provides straightforward and intuitive multi-source feedback to help leaders quickly identify their strengths and developmental needs. Assessing 24 leadership competencies, the Psychometric 360 report improves self awareness in 3 key areas: Work & Execution, Interacting with Others, Thinking and Decoding.

The Work Personality Index assessment provides a clear framework for understanding the impact of personality on job performance. It helps you identify key motivators and behaviours – essential for hiring the right people, developing employees and supporting great leaders.

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Leadership development training augmented with coaching is essential and produces sustained growth. Contact me about leadership development training and coaching workshops.

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